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About ARjewellery

Founded in 2017, AR Jewerly is a hand-made contemporary quality jewerly brand that caters to the brave, rebellious yet feminine woman. Founder and designer, Amal Ragab, perceives imperfection as her ultimate inspiration. Women are noted for constantly seeking perfection, however there’s beauty in the incomplete, imperfect, and in the quirkiness. She bring these notions to life using organic materials and transforming them into unconventional shapes reflecting the sereneness of accepting ones self as is. 

Inspired by her Egyptian roots, Amal works with different kinds of metal and precious stones of to create bold and unique one-of-a kind pieces. Amal’s collections showcase the journey of women and their fearlessness in celebrating their identity and phases of life. As each woman faces her insecurities and transforms those to self love, so does Amal’s jewelry. AR Jewerly exudes strength  and inner beauty, whether a cuff, earrings or necklace, each piece tells a distinctive story, allowing the wearer to always make a statement. 

Amal remains committed to keeping the craftsmanship of handmade jewerly alive and is constantly infusing her Egyptian-Canadian identity into her collections.


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